We Think Advertising utilizes successful SEO strategies that outperform industry standards for click-through-rates (CTR) and conversion.

I want to be average… said NO ONE!

Really, given a choice, wouldn’t you choose to be number one? The industry averages for CTR are a guideline to measure performance, but here at We Think, we see that as a goal to beat.

SEO is an ongoing process.

A website cannot rank if it’s not receiving regular updates and new content. From new landing pages, blogs, and videos to updated keywords and relevant attention grabbing titles and tags, it’s all part of the strategic plan.

We first research what words or search terms people are typing when using a search engine like Google. Our team creates enhanced keyword strategies that optimize your site for search engines in order to bring in new leads and opportunities for your business. An optimized site will increase your business’ ranking with search engines making you easier to find. But it doesn’t stop there. We combine keywords with engaging content and emotional appeal so visitors stay rather than bounce away to another site. Let’s face it - people have a short attention span in general. Everyone is busy. Serving relevant content that is easy to find will attract visitors to your website. Giving them the information they are looking for in a readable format will keep them there.

We look at the user experience including time spent on pages and bounce rates. By harnessing the power of the latest analytics tools, our Team is able to constantly monitor your campaign, assess and adjust our strategy to provide results and top performance vs. your competitors, with the goal of maximizing your sales.

Because if you’re not in one of the top positions when a search is returned, we’re not satisfied. And if your click-through-rate is average, that’s not good enough.

Of course it all starts with a sound architecture and foundation.

If you need a website overhaul and rebuild, We Think’s development team can build a site for you that is structurally sound, easy to navigate, and visually appealing so that your content and SEO can be most effective.

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