Video Pre-Roll

Video Pre-Roll is Mobile TV advertising. Video Pre-roll is an advertising media where commercials and advertisements are aired on mobile phones being used to watch TV shows. Video Pre-Roll ads can be personalized to the user, because most mobile TV applications will ask for the user’s age and gender as the cost for subscribing. Data collected at point of entry insures that your business can target the desired consumer.

Video Pre-Roll advertising offers unique opt-in opportunities through interacting with the user. Video Pre-Roll TV commercials generally have a maximum length of 30 seconds. Your business is only charged in mobile TV advertising if the user watches 90 percent of your commercial. You cost is not per thousands of potential audience that might walk away or DVR, you only pay for each user that actually watches your advertisement.

With Video Pre-Roll mobile TV advertising, you can target consumers based on demographics and geographics. Businesses prefer to target specific consumer groups to improve conversion rates.



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