Would you rather poke your eye out than plan another charitable event for your business to support?

Have you been down every marketing path & struggled with holding a successful event that tied in a charity? Are you a business owner or GM who wants to get your business name out there, but you don’t know where to start? You may be thinking that you have too many other things to do than to add a community-based or charity event to your plate. Will it be worth it for your business or will it be successful enough to even initiate?

We say yes! The positives usually far outweigh any stumbling blocks that you may encounter, and having a company culture of caring for your community is a win-win. You’ll raise money or awareness for an organization that needs your help, while motivating and creating a team-building atmosphere within your business. You will also increase awareness of your business, so that when local patrons need your product or service down the road, they will think of you first.

So where do you start?

First, hold a brainstorming session with your team or key employees. Together choose a charity that is established, but also one that isn’t so big that 25 other businesses in your area are supporting it already. Think outside the box a bit. Do you have a non-profit or organization that you are passionate about? Is there a non-profit that ties in with your product or service that would be a natural fit? For example, a hair salon may offer certain days during the month that are low cost or no cost haircuts to veterans or women re-entering the work force. A heating company may do a coat drive or a fund raiser to raise money for hats and mittens. Perhaps one of your key employees volunteers for an organization already and has an established connection. Choose the organization or charity that you would all get, and stay, excited about supporting. Also, ask your team if they have any friends or connections that may want to get involved. If there are other businesses that you would like to collaborate with, think about ways to tie them in that are mutually beneficial.

What Type of Event & With Who?

Next, what are you going to do for the charity? A food drive, a gala, a golf outing, a dinner cruise, brunch, fashion show, collect items….there are so many ways you can help. Set some goals and deadlines with your team and arrange a meeting with the organization that you would like to support. Directors of these non profits LOVE to get random phone calls from businesses like you saying that YOU would like to support them, help them get their name out and maybe raise some funds/items for them. Schedule a meeting with the Director and his/her team to sit down with your staff.

Tips For Planning Your Event

A few key things to remember…set realistic goals and dates. Remember to plan as far in advance as possible. Less than 90 days isn’t enough time. You will be busy running your business so you and your team are going to want to think ahead…plan now for what you will be doing at least 6 months out. Keep up the energy and motivation. Set monthly meetings or conference calls with your team and your charity. It’s important to determine who will do what going into an event so that tasks are claimed and followed up on. Reach out to the media and all of your friends, family and business contacts. Everyone likes to support a great charitable cause….they WILL need reminders…..lots of them. One email blast or one Facebook event won’t be seen by very many. Assume that 1 in 10 who say that they will attend or participate really will….so plan big, aim high and you will hit your goal. You may even surprise yourself!

Lastly, if the thought of planning an event start to finish still feels like a daunting task, give us a call. We have created multiple successful events and would LOVE to partner with you!