A brand can only break through if its strategy exists in harmony with its mission.

The “BIG IDEA” will be the foundation of the campaign that will move our clients forward for years to come. Our big idea is your “Why” this will be the phrase that moves not just sales but service to a new level. If your business moves forward with “The big idea” this document outlines how we start but sets an achievable goal for what this idea can evolve into.

The keys to the success of our big idea are reflected in two critical components of your Operating Strategy: customer orientation and the flexible and standardized operating model. These tenets speak to how your company is perceived by consumers in your market, and as we outline below, are the essential ingredients of a campaign that works over time. Focusing on customers is a priority shared by most businesses. But most businesses lose customers or miss opportunity to attract new ones because they create procedures that are not easily implemented. All parts of a company influence another and every customers’ experience is a direct reflection of how well those parts work together. Universally practiced operational standards are paramount to a positive customer experience. We believe that an effective and truthful advertising campaign must achieve the two following goals: (1) illuminate ways in which a business improves a customer’s experience. (2) act as a guide for the employees of that business to facilitate better customer experience. This proposal will show how We Think Advertising will succeed in both.

As we begin work with you, we will examine how employees work and interact, how scrupulously internal procedures are followed, and how customers benefit from these standards. This rigorous examination will ensure that the advertising campaign accurately conveys the company’s core beliefs and practices. We will then create tactics that match an overall advertising and branding strategy that exists in harmony with the Company’s mission. There will be no need to question whether a campaign is the “right” one because the campaign will be absolutely aligned with Company goals. As part of this research, our own processes will be documented so that the your dealership can continue to grow and develop in a way that honors its Operating Strategy in years to come.

Most businesses do not have the budget to enter into a spending war with businesses who either spend frivolously without any unique or creative ideas and who measure success in 30 windows of time. We believe, however, that this business model is a liability in today’s commoditized marketplace, and we will help redirect your business toward a future in which the benefits of a rock solid brand identity built around the brands ethos (core principles) rather than a catch phrase, a jingle, or a person’s mug will be felt by all within the Company as well as its customers.

Because information is no longer protected as it was before the days of the internet, today’s customer knows what he will spend on a product. In there mind, virtually any business with the product they are looking for is fair game. They know that they could get a great deal from the guy whose advertising says cheap, cheap, cheap, and he could get the same price from the business that emphasizes service, relationship, and integrity. This is not to say that all products can be bought for the same amount of money but that all businesses have been forced into smaller margins as customers have become more  empowered by shared information.

Those businesses who advertised high-volume for less had an advantage over their competitors for many years. Small businesses were forced into emphasizing service and integrity because they couldn’t get the inventory to sell any other way. Without adequate capital for advertising and operational improvements, the small businesses most important asset, its sales force, remained (and continues to remain) sub-par, keeping the company in a position of weakness. Meanwhile, Some businesses that spend excessively on advertising continued to grow, and so people assumed quite logically that their growth was the result of face recognition. This was not true, however.

We believe that some of the branding and advertising needs of today’s businesses can be understood with no further evaluation. The discovery process will inform the path we choose to take. (1) Our accounts will remain a brand where price and selection are a given. (2) We will continue to introduce customer offerings that emphasize value as a way to build long term customer loyalty and trust. (3) And beyond any brand that we have ever worked with (and beyond any that exists in our market) your brand will become the brand of convenience.

Walk into an Apple store. Notice how well organized the store is, how waiting customers are handled, and how each sales associate carries a hand scanner to process checkout in seconds. It is all designed to make sure that things happen quickly and with as little excess as is humanly possible. But in the process, it also leaves an impression of a wholly different kind of shopping experience. Apple’s success is informed by its insistence on playing around with how things are done in order to improve them. With our accounts this should be no different.

XXXBUSINESSNAMEXXXX will be branded as…one stop for exceptional sales or service.

An online shopping experience at your business should feel like no other business. A visit to your site should present customers with additional choice in how they want to learn about or buy a product. The sales representative is an important part of this process, but he or she should never be considered the only choice unless this is the choice the customer is looking for. From web stores to auto dealerships, to other kinds of service and retail organizations, we will discover how we can provide customers with the precise experience they are looking for, no matter how individualized or obscure it may seem. And then we will build our brand and its advertising around not ME the BUSINESS, but rather YOU the CUSTOMER.


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